How to Open a UPVC Door With a Broken Mechanism

How to Open a UPVC Door With a Broken Mechanism
Is your UPVC door locked shut? If you are the unlucky owner of a door that just won’t open, then the problem might lie with the door handle. Unfortunately, this could be caused by several different issues.
It’s easy to take your doors for granted and it can be extremely frustrating when your door stops working. Not only is a faulty door highly inconvenient, it also puts your home and safety at risk.
In this post, we take a look at the most common problems with old UPVC doors and how to solve them. If you’re wondering how to open a UPVC door with a broken mechanism, then read on to find out more.
So then, how do you open a UPVC door with a broken mechanism?
How Do You Open a UPVC Door With a Broken Mechanism?
If the hookbolts are in the full lock position, you might have to try and get the hinges off first. If you can’t do this, then you are going to struggle.
If the hooks are only slightly engaged, then you might be able to lever the sash away from the frame. There is however, a risk of further damage to the door if you attempt this.
Broken Door Locks
The majority of UPVC doors are designed with two locking parts:
A Cylinder lock where the key is inserted
A multipoint lock that is engaged when the handle is lifted
If your door is misaligned or if there has been excessive pressure placed on the door, then it can cause damage to the locks.
To rule out any problems with the cylinder, try inserting your key and turn to unlock. If it turns freely and unlocks then the problem may lie in the multipoint lock. And this will need replacing.
If your UPVC door is not opening however, then this makes replacing the locks quite tricky.
Do not attempt to force open the door. This will only result in further damage to your door and leave your door with visible damage.
A fully trained locksmith will be required and if the damage is significant enough, you may need to contact an installer for a door replacement.
For a quick and temporary fix, try the following methods…
Tight UPVC Door Screws
If the screws are too tight then this can cause, then handle’s backplate to pinch the lock. This prevents the spring from working correctly and can cause the door to jar.
This can be rectified by loosening the screws that hold the handle to the door which will make the handle easier to turn.
Internal Springs Are Not Lubricated
Internal springs can sometimes bind against the inside of the door handle, making it difficult to operate. You can try removing the handle from the door but if you are unsure, it is best to contact an expert in case of inflicting further damage.
Broken Spring Mechanism
If your door isn’t closing as it should then there could be a problem with the lock’s spring mechanism.
Try removing the latch from the door and pressing it down with your finger. If it doesn’t fully spring back or springs back very slowly, it will need replacing.
Hinge Adjustment
Over time and due to changes in temperature, your door can start to drop. This can make it hard to lock, putting a strain on the mechanism.
Fortunately, the majority of UPVC doors have adjustable hinges. If you find your door catching on the frame, then it’s likely the hinges need adjusting.
UPVC Door Lock Mechanism Sticking? Common Problems With Old UPVC Doors.
UPVC door locking mechanism problems are very common in old doors and there are many reasons why your lock mechanism may be sticking.
Broken keys, rust and misalignment are the most common causes of jammed door locks.
You’ll have to call a locksmith or replace the door entirely, depending on the cause of the jammed lock.
Replacing full mechanisms can be expensive but, in many instances, unavoidable.
Replacement Gearbox
The gearbox is an essential part of a uPVC door’s locking mechanism and could be the reason you’re having trouble. If you have tried putting your key into the lock and it makes the familiar clicking sound (like it’s unlocking) then the problem will most likely reside with the gearbox and not the barrel lock itself.
In order to get your door open again, you will need a replacement.
Every UPVC door will require its own unique gearbox, dependent on the particular brand or model of the door. In order to ensure you get the right gearbox, you will need to look for the logo of the manufacturer.
Faulty Euro Cylinder
If the key cylinder is failing, then this will need to be replaced. You can keep cost to a minimum by replacing this part, along with additional new keys.
Changes in Temperature
The weather can cause many issues with your doors. Shrinkage and expansion can be a big problem, making it difficult for you to lock your doors.
You may feel the need to apply force when opening and closing your doors however, this can often cause further damage.
Dropped Door
It’s very common for old UPVC doors to drop, making the door difficult to open – if at all. Modern UPVC doors are designed to adjustable, making this a quick fix.
UPVC Door Replacement
If you’re experiencing any of the above problems, a temporary fix might not be the best solution and could end up costing you more long term.
Now would be a good time to take a critical view of your doors and determine whether the time has come to replace them.
A UPVC door that is a couple of decades old, will inevitably show signs of wear and tear. It can also be a huge security risk.
A newer, more modern door will not only look substantially better, it will perform better as well.
Replacing Your UPVC Door Adds Value
Looking to add real value before you sell? A simple home improvement such as replacing your UPVC door can make a big difference, enhancing kerb appeal and value.
When it comes to your front door, it can be as simple as opting for a contemporary colour or choosing a whole new front entry. Sidelights, a porch or cover can create a whole new focus point for your home.
Replacing your UPVC door can increase accessibility. From baby strollers to wheelchairs, a door that’s easy to access will make home life that little bit easier.
You can even switch to a wider door with a lever-style handle that can be opened with an elbow.
Elevate your home’s curb appeal with a door that not only looks great but is practical too.
Call in the pros and opt for a fresh design. You will find many options offered to you by your installer.
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Replacement Door Cost
During their lifetime, our doors get slammed, kicked and exposed to temperature changes.
Many of today’s doors are designed to offer great performance but if you have a door that’s decades old, it may be time to seek a replacement.

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