How Much Does Double Glazing Cost?

How Much Are Double Glazing Prices in 2019?
Double glazing prices in the UK will differ between double glazing installers but it will continue to be a very competitive market in 2019.
In order to take advantage of this, you will need to compare double glazing prices in your area. This will ensure you get the very best double glazing quote.
Researching the double glazing market will allow you to get the very best deal, as well as make you more aware of double glazing costs.
To be in an informed buyer, means researching prices. This also makes you a smart buyer and an intelligent buyer is more likely to get the cheapest double glazing.
How Much Does It Cost To Get Double Glazing?
Double glazing costs will always come down to specifics such as material, size and style. In general, uPVC double glazing costs around 30% less than wood and 50% less than aluminium.
How Much Does it Cost to Get A New Window?
On average, the cost of 1 uPVC casement window with measurement of 60cm x 90cm will start around £250.
A sash window of the same size will start around £500.
You can see that the cost of a new window very much depends on style.
There are a variety of add-ons and design choices that might naturally increase the cost of your double glazed window.
This includes the type of frame you choose, the window handle (do you want it in chrome or gold?) and the amount of windows you would like to have installed.
The size of your window will also greatly affect the overall cost.
A typical window measuring 1800mm x 120mm might start from £350, compared to a small bathroom window being as little as £150.
Supplementary add-ons such as bespoke finishes, added security measures and the installation of pet flaps can also make for a more expensive quote.

What Does Your Double Glazing Quote Include?
When you get an online quote from Double Glazing On The Web there are no hidden costs or suprises – just honest online guide prices for double glazing.
Your online double glazing cost will include the following:
A full technical survey
The style, size and colour of the window
Window Energy Rating (WER) of either A, B or C
Security features
Glazing (standard, toughened or obscured).
External Cill
Full installation which includes colour matched trims, fixings, silicones and sealants
Registration with industry body such as FENSA or Certass
Removal and disposal of old windows
All double glazing prices quoted online from Double Glazing On The Web are subject to a full technical survey from your trusted local supplier. Your double glazing quote may change once the full technical survey has been carried out.
Once you have completely your online quote, you will then receive an email with a link to your quotation. This allows you to access your quote in the future and also allows you to add or amend the details of your double glazing price.
How Much Does it Cost to Replace A Window?
The cost of double glazed units can vary.
The one-man band repairman will often replace a sealed glass unit for £75 in comparison to a specialist company who might offer £50.
You can see how important it is to get more than one double glazing quote!
Double glazing unit prices can vary for several reasons, one of them being the buying power of your supplier, whilst other variations in price can often be put down to the style of the product.
For example, the replacement of a double glaze sealed unit with Georgian bars or lead designs may increase your order by £30 or more.
Toughened Glass
If your sealed unit is going into a frame that is 800mm or less from the floor then the glass will have to be toughened.
This prevents the glass from shattering into dangerous shards if broken and instead, the glass breaks into harmless crystals.
This toughening process will add at least 20% to your sealed glass unit price.
Don’t Accept Your First Double Glazing Quote
If you are going to ‘shop around’ for the best double glazing price, then it makes sense not to accept the first quote you receive, especially when you won’t have another quote to compare it to.
Often, the price of double glazing will be offered at a higher price by the salesperson initially. Any good salesperson will do this, it’s how a businessman sells.
However, this is likely to drop during their pitch.
Your double glazing cost will ultimately depend on which company you decide to go with so you should avoid signing up to the first company you come across.
If you retrieve more than one quote, you might be surprised at the cost difference.
Double Glazing Prices: Repair or Replacement?
Should you repair or replace your double glazing?
If your window can be fixed inexpensively and you are happy with the appearance and performance of your existing window then you might want to start by comparing quotes for window repair.
If your window has been surveyed and repair isn’t an option, then you will need to look at window replacement costs.
Rather than spending a lot of money on repair, that money can be invested into the overall performance of your home.
Fixing up your windows can help increase energy efficiency and aesthetics, allowing you to get more value from your property.
Double Glazing Cost 3 Bed Semi
How much does it cost to double glaze a 3 bed semi?
If you are going to double glaze a modern 3 bedroom house then double glazing prices will vary.
The cost of double glazing a property will depend on factors such as style, size and energy efficiency.
The material of your windows will also affect the cost which is why uPVC windows, being more affordable in price, are a popular choice.
On average, the double glazing cost for a three bed semi can cost anything between £3000 and £5000.
The quality of glazing, the supplier and whether or not you pay for installation will affect your quote.
Energy Efficiency
You can save money from your double glazing from installing energy efficient windows.
How much energy your household uses and the overall energy efficiency of your home can make a big difference on your energy bills.
Properties with energy efficiency ratings of C and above could potentially save £50-£175 a year if they replace single glazed units with double glazing.
Energy prices look set to rise over the coming years so ensuring your property is as energy efficient as possible will help you save money in the long run.

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